Dark thoughts.

Imagine having dark thoughts. Thoughts about darkness. What is darkness made of? Actually, we know the answer to this. There’s a substance called dark matter, or dark energy, that we are now learning about!

But these dark thoughts are not just about astrophysics. They’re about the dark corners of our minds, the parts we try to keep hidden from the world. The thoughts that make us question our own sanity.

They arise for different reasons. Sometimes, it’s a traumatic experience that you can’t shake off. Other times, it’s the weight of our own failures that seem to loom over us. And sometimes, they seem to come out of nowhere at all.

It’s easy to feel trapped in these dark thoughts, like you’re drowning in them. It’s hard to imagine ever escaping them. But you do have a choice. You can choose to give into those thoughts, to let them control us. Or you can choose to fight back.

It’s not an easy fight, and it’s not one that can be won overnight. It’s a constant battle, an uphill climb. But with each step, we get closer to the light. We get closer to the person we want to be.






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